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Our Ottawa Family Law Lawyer possesses the level of skill and experience matrimonial clients need when hiring their legal representative.

As a graduate of McGill Law School and a lawyer who has conducted his Ottawa law practice since 1976, our Ottawa Family Law Lawyer has acted for matrimonial clients in all types of Family Law matters and disputes. He has built a very distinguished career and reputation as a Family Law Lawyer in the City of Ottawa.

He is well-respected by other members of the Family Law bar and by judges in all of the Ontario Courts where he has appeared with distinction on behalf of his clients for decades.

Our Ottawa Family Law Lawyer possesses a wealth of general business and real estate law experience as well which is extremely useful in assisting and advising his matrimonial clients so they can move forward with their lives.

As an expert negotiator, he always seeks a cost-effective negotiated solution for clients whenever possible.

Our Ottawa Family Law Lawyer is always mindful of the financial and emotional toll caused by marriage breakdown. By using a team of supportive professionals he delivers quality representation to his clients leading to the kinds of results they hope to achieve for themselves.

He will provide you with a confidential initial communication without any fee or obligation whatsoever. Simply complete the contact form on this page and expect his call promptly.

Or you may call toll free at 1-888-660-4869 to connect with him.

We recommend that you get the advice you need from our Ottawa Family Law Lawyer - he is a lawyer with answers.

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